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❝ Here you can see my art and I may also post some of my writing up. But that is if I want to ❞ Have fun! (•̮̮̃-̃)۶

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Clyde Moore.
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Age: 15

Nicknames: C-Spider

Hobbies: Watching anime, drawing, writing, and reading.

Art Information: If anybody will like, I can draw for them.

My DA army men (Who are nearly all cool chicks! Ironically)


That epic Titan of DA.



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Love is for the Weak: But Friendship Can Last Forever.

Alternative universe. 

You (the reader) loves Levi, but Levi only sees a bond forming.

Rated T for: Language, traumatic themes, and alcohol use.

While dealing with the lose of a lover, you find your way into a coffee shop. Nothing seems too great about this shop, but you find that it was oddly clean.  
This is where you spot him, the man you think you have seen only in a dream, and you try not to blush as he looks at you blankly with a pad in hand. 
It has only been one visit to the coffee shop, and you already developed a crush on the waiter, but the only thing is, Levi doesn't feel this way about you. 

Now this question remains: What will you do to prove yourself to Levi? 

Originally, this story was going to be a corny love story about somebody finding love in a coffee shop, but that idea wasn't developed too well, and I just didn't know Levi too well in the show (I only seen him for a bit).
Anyway, in this new story, the reader (who is in their thirties) is looking for love, but they end up forming a great bond with Levi after gaining his  respect fully, which is way better than this corny thing known as love. The story will also be about fighting selfish needs as to keep a bond strong, all while going through the ups and downs of life. 

If this plot is no good, then I'll just do away with this journal, as to save me the embarrassment. Also, I am going to be blunt here, Levi belongs to nobody. I can't see him being in love with anybody, really, though I can see him forming a great bond with somebody. Well, that's only if one can prove themselves to him. 

Rant: I love how people (not saying you guys) go on about what's wrong with a story, but when you read a poorly written fanfiction, what do you think? Really. I have seen stories here that are so senseless having to do with Levi, or anybody else. But you know what? It's a darn story, and it's not made to be like the show or to even be true to the character's personality, it's a mucking story written for one's entertainment, not some well written essay.
Also, if I had to point out anything wrong with any story, it has to be Zim's personality in those Invader Zim stories. I mean, really, Zim is the least caring about any human, why the crap world he even give a care about Dib? 
Well, because anything can happen in a story, that's why. 

And now that that's out of my way, who wants to have a cup of tea with me?

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ShizukanaNatsu Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Ice-cold15 Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Hobbyist Artist
That's good you finished it. Do I even need to ask, did you like it?

I know how you feel. Really.

The Black Butler manga hasn't been updated. 
ShizukanaNatsu Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you plan on taking part in the contest?
Ice-cold15 Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
Will there be somebody helping me with the art? Because I'll give an idea, and I'll even color the art (with giving words, that is.)  But if nobody is helping me, then I don't think I can, because I am just so lazy. It's sad, really.
ShizukanaNatsu Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Half-assedness isn't allowed. Full effort, or nothing. 

It depends on who your partner is. If your partner allows it, then woohoo! If not, you need to meet their needs. 

But honestly, the more effort you put into your piece and the better it looks, the more of a chance you have to win. Oh! And I haven't discussed the prize yet. I'll update the next journal with it. I can't believe I forgot something so vital!
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